August 15, 2012



Love when the fridge and fruit bowls are full again…makes such colourful lunches.…

Served in two  Lunchbots Lunchboxes

We have a little healthy selection today for Miss C.

First up is her Morning Fruit Snack, oranges cut up and arranged sideways, and some juicy strawberries and grapes, with a couple of little Bugs & Blossoms Picks (you can tell i LOVE them can’t you…they are stuck in something everyday)

Then for her SLIGHTLY traditional looking Bento we have, some devon cut up like a Cherry Blossom, i will do a video on this next week….super easy and super cute! I have used this for my own cheese platters etc, and a little leaf of lettuce for colour.

I cut up some bread with the cute cutter set…think deconstructed sandwich her with the filling on the outside…hahahahaha At the top is a little Sillicon Divider to add some colour.

Carrots in a tight little bundle held together with a sillicon band, and the sillicon bear head with some crispuy pretzels.

In the spotty container is a little sweet treat!

This lunch took 5 minutes to make……


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