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I often send bananas to school with my boys as they are packed with goodness, available throughout most of the year and are pretty reliably eaten.  One really simple way to add a little fun to the average banana is by giving it some minion style!  Who doesn’t love a minion?  And who can help but smile when they say “BA-NA-NA!”

This takes hardly any time at all to put together.  I start by searching the web for minion pictures.  I then choose and print a minion with a plain white background, with nothing obstructing it’s face or clothing.   Finally, I cut out the eyes, mouth and clothing (everything except the yellow), and glue them in position on the banana.  I like to choose a different minion each time and my boys giggle at the different facial expressions.

I haven’t tried this with other characters, but I think it should work with anything coloured yellow.  Maybe Sponge Bob Square Pants?  I would love to hear your ideas or see your creations shared on the Lunch Boxes With Love Facebook page!

Love when the fridge and fruit bowls are full again…makes such colourful lunches.…

Served in two  Lunchbots Lunchboxes

We have a little healthy selection today for Miss C.

First up is her Morning Fruit Snack, oranges cut up and arranged sideways, and some juicy strawberries and grapes, with a couple of little Bugs & Blossoms Picks (you can tell i LOVE them can’t you…they are stuck in something everyday)

Then for her SLIGHTLY traditional looking Bento we have, some devon cut up like a Cherry Blossom, i will do a video on this next week….super easy and super cute! I have used this for my own cheese platters etc, and a little leaf of lettuce for colour.

I cut up some bread with the cute cutter set…think deconstructed sandwich her with the filling on the outside…hahahahaha At the top is a little Sillicon Divider to add some colour.

Carrots in a tight little bundle held together with a sillicon band, and the sillicon bear head with some crispuy pretzels.

In the spotty container is a little sweet treat!

This lunch took 5 minutes to make……

Out and about today with little man, so this was his morning tea and lunch on the run…

Served in the Lunchbots Uno Lunchbox

We have a little tapas style selection here (my fav way to eat):

Starting with some strawberries with leaf picks in the Flower silicon cup.

Some leftover pancakes cut using the Cute Cutter Set stuck together with some apricot jam from the farmers market and all held together with a little Lady bug from the Bugs & Blossoms Picks.

Ham sandwich cut into triangles, perfect for little man’s chubby fingers to hold. With a heart sillicon divider for some colour.

Carrot stack held together with a sillicon band & served with some avocado in the little Rainbow Cup to “dip dip”

and finally some left over cheese cut up in the Rabbit shaped silicon mold.

I never get tired of seeing my little ones faces when they open their lunchbox each day….Sharing my LOVE of food is so important to me.


Here is a great little recipe for some tasty treats for the lunchbox.

I freeze these and pull them out when they are needed and just pop them straight into the lunchbox. So by the time it is recess they are PERFECT!


2 cups self-raising flour – sifted

3/4 cup castor sugar

2 eggs, lightly beaten

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/3 cup vegetable oil

1 cup natural yoghurt

1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries


  • Preheat oven to 180. Lightly grease a non-stick muffin pan.
  • Mix flour and sugar, then add the eggs, vanilla, oil & yoghurt, and stir until just combined. Stir the raspberries through the mixture, then spoon into prepared pan and bake for 20-25minsutes.

MAKES 10-12



This recipe is super easy and so tasty…we have it quite a bit and there is always leftovers for the lunchbox the next day.


80ml veg oil

4 eggs, beaten

2 bacon rashers, chopped

600g green prawns

2 cloves garlic

1 tbs grated giner

450g day old cooked jasmine rice (3/4 cup (150g) uncooked)

2 tbs chinese rice wine or dry sherry

2 tbs oyster sauce

Thinly sliced red chilli and spring onions sliced on an angle, to serve


Heat 2 tbs oil in pan over med heat.  Add the eggs and using a spatula, scramble for 1 min or until cooked through.  Remove the eggs and set aside.


Add remaining 2tbs oil to pan.  Add bacon and stirfry for 4-5mins until starting to crisp then add the prawns, garlic and ginger and stirfry for 30 sec.  Add rice and stirfry, breaking the egg up as you do for 1 min or until heated through.  Pile into a serving bowl and garnish with the chilli and spring onions – YUM!!!

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