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A range of quick and easy lunch and snack ideas this week.

Let’s start with the 2 lunch boxes made for my boys to take to school.

The first was packed in our Laptop Lunch Box and featured our new Musical Picks. My boys are learning to play the guitar and thought these were really great.  I’m taking that as a compliment as I’m finding it harder and harder to be “cool” in their eyes!  I included some orange wedges, pretzels, cherry tomatoes, rice crackers and cheese.  Instead of a standard sandwich, I rolled up a slice of bread with ham in to a sausage shape and then cut into mini rolls.  My kids like these sushi-style sandwiches as a change.

Using the Laptop Lunch Box again, the next lunch box included a fruit salad that my kids helped to cut up.  It also included some yoghurt, a mini muffin pizza and some popcorn kept fresh in one of our little car containers.

I pulled together a very quick and easy snack for my toddler using our Cube It! cutter to cut a cheese sandwich into bite sized pieces.  I then placed a Petal Food Pick in each piece to make a beautiful rainbow garden with some sliced orange and apple.  My little girl LOVED this.  She spent at least 10 minutes talking about her garden and the colourful flowers she could see. Her imagination was running wild.

My little one pulled our two-tiered pig lunch box out of the drawer this week and I’m so glad she did as I hadn’t used it for a while.  I love packing this lunch box.  All the food grouped together always looks so bright and inviting.  I love stacking it all back together to make a compact and adorable little pig. My little one enjoyed taking the lunch box layers off one by one and discovering what was inside. This lunch included an avocado sandwich, semi-steamed snow peas, some grated cheese, strawberries, blueberries and popcorn.

All of the kids enjoyed making our mini muffin pizza faces after school.  I pre cut a range of food and vegies including capsicum, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, ham, olives and cheese.  When the kids got home, they spread some wholemeal English muffins with tomato paste and sprinkled them with cheese before making a range of funny faces from the vegetables in front of them.  Simple and fun cooking!


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