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I often send bananas to school with my boys as they are packed with goodness, available throughout most of the year and are pretty reliably eaten.  One really simple way to add a little fun to the average banana is by giving it some minion style!  Who doesn’t love a minion?  And who can help but smile when they say “BA-NA-NA!”

This takes hardly any time at all to put together.  I start by searching the web for minion pictures.  I then choose and print a minion with a plain white background, with nothing obstructing it’s face or clothing.   Finally, I cut out the eyes, mouth and clothing (everything except the yellow), and glue them in position on the banana.  I like to choose a different minion each time and my boys giggle at the different facial expressions.

I haven’t tried this with other characters, but I think it should work with anything coloured yellow.  Maybe Sponge Bob Square Pants?  I would love to hear your ideas or see your creations shared on the Lunch Boxes With Love Facebook page!




We have so many cute cutter sets in our range that i thought i would give everyone a little run down on how they work best:

Firstly, these can be used on so many different foods. Watermelon, rockmelon, cheese, ham, slices, cakes, brownies, sandwiches, fairy bread creatures, biscuit dough, really anything that a cookie cutter could cut through, your mind is your only limitation with these fun tools.

So all you need to do is take the bottom of the cutter and push firmly into your desired food.

Then you can either leave it as is, or for extra cuteness (which we all love) you can take the top part of the cutter set and gently push down to imprint the pattern into the top.

As you can see here i have used the imprint in this little slice of heaven! Yes it is the trusty Mars Bar Slice that EVERYONE knows and loves. I have just made it extra special. It doesn’t take much effort and everyone will be blown away by your talent (they don’t need to know it is EASY PEASY) take the credit!


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