Can you pan fry fatback?

Cook fatback in a single layer, on medium heat, in a large pan or skillet. Because the fat content of fatback is so high, there is no need to add additional oil to the pan.

How long do you cook fat back?

How long does it take to cook pork fatback? As a rough guideline, it will take around 1 hour in the oven and around 15 mins when deep fried.

What do you do with fatback?

Strips of fatback can be inserted into leaner meats to make them moister and tastier. Fatback can be rendered and used as a cooking medium or an ingredient in pastry. And it can even be salt cured and thinly sliced, or seasoned and whipped with salt and roasted garlic to create a special appetizer on its own.

Does fatback taste like bacon?

Fatback can be added to peas for extra flavor. Fat rendered from a pig’s back has a distinctive taste and texture and is considered by many to be a delicacy. Many people will slice and use it much as they would bacon, and the two cuts do have a lot in common.

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Can you eat raw fat back?

Can you eat fatback? Yes! Fatback is used in forcemeat (terrines, rillettes, sausages etc.)

Can you bake fat back?

Stir the fatback slices in the pan every 10 minutes and bake them until crisp and golden, about 35 minutes. Remove the cracklings from the pan using a slotted spoon and transfer them to a plate lined with paper towels to drain.

What is fried fat back?

Fatback is “hard fat” and is distinct from the visceral fat that occurs in the abdominal cavity which is called “soft fat” and is used to produce leaf lard. Like other types of pig fat, fatback may be rendered to make a high quality lard. It is one source of salt pork.

What is the difference between fatback and pork belly?

The main difference between pork belly and fatback can be found in their names: the former is cut from the belly of the hog, whereas the fatback is trimmed from the area on either side of the spine. In terms of flavor, they’re similar, but pork belly contains both meat and fat, whereas fatback is all fat.

What is Cracklin made of?

Cracklin is basically just a by-product of rendering pork fat for lard.

Can I eat salt pork by itself?

As a stand-alone food product, it is typically boiled to remove much of the salt content and to partially cook the product, then fried until it starts to develop a crisp exterior. It may be eaten as one would eat bacon, or used to season other dishes like traditional salt pork.

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How do you salt a fat back?

How to Make Your Own Salt Pork

  1. Cut backfat strips into manageable chunks. Set aside.
  2. Pour 1 lb. of the salt into the bottom of the crock and smooth it to cover. Lay the backfat chunks on the salt.
  3. Lay the platter or other flat object over the meat. Add the weight on top to hold the platter in place.

Is fatback smoked?


This heritage pork is freshly ground and then blended with our signature mix of cayenne-kicked seasonings, stuffed into all-natural hog casings and finally smoked with real hickory wood.

Can you substitute salt pork for fatback?

As far as seasoning is concerned, it can be seasoned just like you would season fatback. What is this? However, we suggest that you use a little less amount of salt because pork bacon is saltier. So, just consider the salt amount, and you will be able to replace fatback with pork bacon.