Frequent question: How do you get Five Guys fries?

“First, we wash the potatoes off. Real potatoes,” the Five Guys employee says. Up next, the potatoes get loaded into the slicer, where they’re chopped up into fries, then they’re placed in a bucket that’s filled with water. The fries get washed off to help remove the starch then eventually go into the fryer.

Why do Five Guys give you so many fries?

According to PopSugar, the idea behind giving customers so many extra fries is that the guests think they’re getting a great deal. The extra fries, however, are factored into the menu pricing, so it really is just an illusion of receiving more than your money’s worth.

Can you ask for well done fries at Five Guys?

Well Done Fries

ICYMI, Five Guys gives you the most fries when it comes to fast food joints. If you like your fries on the crispier side, order the Idaho spuds “well done.” They’re fried for longer, so you may have to wait a few extra minutes, but the crunch is worth it.

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How much fries do you get at Five Guys?

Five Guys Prices (Updated: December 2021)

Food Size Price
Fries Regular $4.19
Fries Large $5.79
Cajun Fries Little $3.09
Cajun Fries Regular $4.19

Can you buy a bag of potatoes from Five Guys?

When you walk into any Five Guys, you’ll notice right away big bags of potatoes are stacked everywhere. Those bags of potatoes aren’t a fast food prop — they’re merely fries that haven’t yet reached their final form (via Fox News).

Why does Five Guys dump fries in the bag?

Ever wondered why a “small” fry at Five Guys is actually a massive serving that ends up overflowing the carton and filling your bag? As it turns out, that “extra” scoop is an illusion: Five Guys workers are trained to give customers more fries so that they think they’re getting a bargain.

How do you order crispy fries at Five Guys?

Ask for extra well done fries

But Wide Open Eats shares that if you are a lover of super crispy French fries, all you have to do when you place your Five Guys order is ask that they be cooked “extra well done.” It’s really that easy.

Do you have to order fries at Five Guys?

And they have no problem generously sharing all of that crispy fried goodness with their customers. As Taste of Home noted, Five Guys workers are instructed to load their customers up with fries on every order. … As Chad Murrell, son of Five Guys founder, Jerry Murrell told Food Republic “We always give an extra scoop.

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Can you throw peanut shells on the floor at Five Guys?

Five Guys uses fresh, not frozen, patties and fries. They let you choose your toppings. They give you peanuts to munch on while you wait, and even let you throw the shells on the floor. … The first Five Guys opened 25 years ago in Arlington, Va.

How good are Five Guys fries?

It was just enough to enhance the flavor of the fries without making your reach for your drink. It might not be salty enough for some, but it’s always easier to add salt than it is to remove it. I really like Five Guys Fries; they’re very different from most places and they’re very good.

Does Five Guys still have peanuts 2021?

Enhanced Safety: We still have peanuts available at our restaurants and we no longer keep them out in the public dining area. If you’d like some peanuts with your meal or while you wait for your order, just ask and we can bring them out for you!

What is Cajun style fries at Five Guys?

Five Guys’ Cajun Fries are their other option for French Fries and feature fresh-cut skin-on potatoes fried to a crisp doneness and sprinkled with Cajun seasoning. I picked up a “Little Fry” (their smallest size) for $2.49.

Where do Five Guys get their potatoes?

Five Guys actually only use potatoes from Idaho, grown above the 42nd parallel. The potatoes grow during the day when it’s warm and stop at night once it cools down, causing them to be a denser, higher quality.

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How much is a burger from Five Guys?

Five Guys Menu Prices

Hamburger $6.99
Cheeseburger $7.69
Bacon Burger $7.99
Bacon Cheeseburger $8.69